Wild Orient Real Money Mobile Slots

There’s an exotic five reel, 243 ways to win slot out there that will take you for a ride through the lands of Asia where you’ll meet animals from the jungles and see the sites that carry weight in the regional folklore. It’s called Wild Orient Real Money Mobile Slots and is the perfect getaway if you need a break from the daily routine without having to go too far. In fact, as a Microgaming online casino game Wild Orient mobile slots can be accessed from anywhere because its mobile capabilities give it that reach.

This is one of those mobile slots NZ can jump into from just about any type of mobile device and whether you’re playing the free option or finally decide to go for the real money journey, you won’t be disappointed by what you find and how the experience plays itself out.

And one of the best parts of this game is the respin option which lets you respin any reel with the hopes of landing a better combination. The fact that you can respin a reel is nothing short of an extremely amazing opportunity which is why Wild Orient Real Money Mobile Slots has a reputation of being unique among the best slots out there.

Wild Orient Wild

The Wild Orient slot logo is used for the wild and that wild will do it’s job filling in for other spots showing up on the second and fourth reels, except the scatter of course, to help give you some good combinations. The stone elephant symbol acts as the scatter symbol and it’s a weighty image to say the least!

When you get three or more scatter symbols you enter the free spins round and you can use that respin option already mentioned to help you complete the scatter combinations that will get you there. There are two potential bonus rounds with fifteen free spins each. All that said this game also has an ‘auto’ function where you can turn it on and let it spin for you for any number of times.

When in the auto function the respin reel option cannot be activated and the game will simply spin regularly. Also when the game is in the free spins bonus round you won’t have access to the respin option but it won’t matter because you’ll be having a lot of other stuff going on and hopefully won’t need to consider using it.

Microgaming Standards

Meanwhile, the exotic animal you’ll find include elephants, monkeys, giant panda bears, tigers and some exotic birds. The rest of the graphics and the sound are just what you’d expect from the developers from Microgaming who continue to put out the highest quality games like Wild Orient mobile slots.

Wild Orient is also one of those pokies which you don’t have to spend much time figuring out. It’s easy to get into and easy to figure out because again, Microgaming knows how to give users what they are looking for.

It’s no wonder that whether a person is starting out or an experienced pokies player Wild Orient real money mobile slots is good for a few rounds because the game somehow keeps you in it’s clutches because the thrill and excitement of the moment does everything to draw you in closer.

Wild Orient does not have the option for a progressive jackpot where you can sign on and connect with others around the world playing the same game and enter in for an amazing jackpot that would totally rock you day. Nevertheless it’s definitely worth the time to try out and try it out for free is a pretty good idea to give you a taste of what’s to come. Then you can jump in for that real money ride.